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Get to Know Jude


Are you ready to just make it happen already?

Hey there! I'm Judy Finelli

I'm an Integrative Nutrition Health & Lifestyle Coach and mother of two..

I coach working moms to achieve balance in their life by leading a healthy, sustainable and low-stress lifestyle that feels good and guilt-free. I do this by teaching women like you to healthfully and gently care for yourself by Eating Cleanly and Intuitively  and honoring the different shifts that motherhood inevitably brings.   


What I love about holistic health coaching is that I get the opportunity to do the following with you:

  • Deconstruct ideas about "healthy eating" that may not be suitable for you as an individual.
  • Discover the ideal dietary lifestyle for your optimal health and wellness. 
  • Teach, Inspire and Motivate you to look at your life in a nonjudgmental way and solve any hangups that held you back & caused stress.
  • Together, we'll design realistic and necessary tools to sustain your growth and live healthfully beyond your coaching program.
  • Push you to be the best version of yourself possible with love, compassion, and a kick in the butt if necessary to prove to you that YOU ARE CAPABLE.
  • Arm you with influential tips that your children can acquire to live as healthfully as you.


I work with women who are mothers, work in and/or outside the home and are either in the beginning stages of motherhood or are seasoned moms. The women that I work with are mostly in their late twenties through mid to late-thirties  but I would never turn anyone away if that is not the age group  you fall under.  As a bilingual health coach,  I also serve Spanish speaking clients locally and globally. 


My Journey & Inspiration To Keep Going

I was blessed with becoming a mother for the first time seven years ago.  I remember nursing my daughter and loving her unconditionally from the moment she was born. The unexpected and unplanned c-section, however, left me feeling depleted, confused, in physical & emotional pain which resulted in me being undernourished and very sad. 

After lots of soul searching and countless doctor visits, I discovered that I was going through mild postpartum depression and anxiety.  I was not myself though on the exterior I appeared perfectly fine. I realized rather quickly that it was going to be a process to get myself back on a path of proper health to keep up with the demands of being a new mom. I also wanted to know how to bounce back healthfully from the transitions and shift I was going through, especially since I wanted to have another baby down the line.

  Expecting my first child, Valentina- April 2009

Expecting my first child, Valentina- April 2009

When my daughter turned three, I decided that it was time for me to look closely at my future and what I wanted to dedicate my time to.  I had always had a burning desire to serve people and coaching came rather naturally for me.  When I went to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition that year, my world started to change and I began to see clearly that Health Coaching women was something I just had to do.  I discovered that I wanted to pursue Health Coaching beyond the training and guide women who were just like me; or had similar struggles.  I took a leap of faith and birthed MamiWellness in 2014 as a nod to my mother and the women who have dropped everything to be the best mom they could be but somehow have lost their way or had ended up on the bottom of their own list of priorities.


Two years later, I gave birth to my second child, a boy. Having two children has been more than a blessing. This experience has propelled me forward and changed me in more ways imaginable.  This personal change is one of the reasons why MamiWellness has become the essence and founding philosophy for That Healthy Chica, the evolution of that first venture. This online health coaching practice and budding community is the second phase in this journey.  

The intention behind my coaching at That Healthy Chica is to serve women on this journey as mothers, working from and outside the home seeking answers to improve her wellness and lifestyle; while striving to become the healthiest version of herself. Here she'll feel safe to find a sustainable balance in her life that's low-stress, guilt free and liberating. 


I'm not shy to say that I still have some struggles..

As a busy mom who wears many hats, I have to admit, I'm still working on myself.  I always will because I believe that's what makes life so awesome. You evolve as you learn. And you learn from great experiences just as much as you learn from not so good ones.  I'm very transparent about my struggles to get fit and toned since the birth of my children.  Though I've always been a runner and loved it so much, I've not had the same love affair with the gym.  As a writer and blogger, this is a journey that I'm excited and ready to embark on.  I'll definitely be sharing it on the blog and hope that it inspires you as much as it'll keep me motivated to get in the best shape I've been in some time.. since running my last marathon seven years ago (yes, before Motherhood!).  Can't wait to keep you posted on my journey and hope you'll join me too.



  My Babies- 2017

My Babies- 2017

to be the healthiest most energized version of myself I could be to keep up with them;  with the dreams I have as well as the demands of a busy mom and business owner.  I am inspired continuously by other women like my mother who selflessly give but need guidance to see the options to live a life of joy without excuses.  As a woman of Faith, I am inspired by God and the beauty around me to enjoy this gift and pass along the gifts He has given me by serving others.

I am inspired by countless women out there who just want to feel their best, to look their best and be their best while being good moms who are present in their lives and the lives of their loved ones, especially their children.

I do this work because I believe that at the end of the day we all want to matter. It is with great joy and an honor to serve you and be by your side on your journey to great health and happiness.

What Makes Me Unique & Why We Should Collaborate..

In everyday life, I find myself creating delicious and healthy meals for my family.  I'm often asked by family and friends about health related issues that have to do with nutrition, stress relief, lifestyle changes, even birth coaching.  Below are questions and comments that come up time and time again from non family members..

  • How do you manage to look like you haven't had two kids?
  • How do you keep so calm and chill even in the most stressful circumstances?
  • You are such a breath of fresh air to talk to and be around.
  • It's not a shock that you are in the wellness field.. you just get it!

It's such questions and comments that make me feel like I'm truly walking in my purpose.  It is people taking the time to let me know how they feel that allows me to thrive just as much as I urge them to thrive in whatever they choose because they've taken the time to trust me with their goals, desires, struggles and deepest secrets and concerns.  As an empath, it is my God given gift to always be present and understand exactly where you are coming from because I truly do understand your struggles.  Trusting me to guide you.. to teach you.. to motivate you.. to help you.. is what gets me out of bed in the morning ready and willing to do this work beyond what may be required.

  • I understand what it feels like to go through the shifts that come with motherhood and feeling overwhelmed about it.  
  • I understand what it feels like to not know what to eat in order to feel satisfied and energized.
  • I understand what it feels like to want to lose weight but having trouble losing those pesky 5-10 lbs.
  • I understand what it feels like to look healthy on the outside knowing inside the need to take better care.
  • I understand what it feels  like to be starving in the morning & making unhealthy choices on the road because of poor planning and exhaustion.
  • I understand what it feels like not to make it to the gym because you had to work through lunch or had to stay at the office a little later.
  • I understand what it feels like to be sleep deprived and still try to look awake and barely get through the day.
  • I understand what it feels like to start to exercise and eat "right" on New Year's Day and then flop by March.
  • I understand what it feels like to want to do better but the responsibilities of home and work are too high to make the time to take action or be consistent.


Sound familiar? Ready to see if working together is right for you?  Want to learn what Health & Lifestyle Coaching can do for you and how it can improve your wellness and your life?  Let's have a call and find out..