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That Healthy Chica Blog


Living Life On Your Own Terms & Why You Must Start NOW!

judy finelli


I find it interesting that as mothers, we are easily judged about our parenting styles, how we choose to spend quality time with our children and spouses, to what we eat, what we look like at drop off to.. you name it..

Being a mother is not the easiest job in the world. In fact, I had great hope of having a different mindset once it was my turn because I kept hearing how challenging it was.  Well, it was definitely not a lie and I now see why some moms throw in the towel on themselves and their dreams to focus solely on their kids' happiness and well-being. 

Having two children of my own, I can tell you that it's not uncommon for mothers to go through stages of life in which they feel depleted, overwhelmed and alone.  It's even worse when you feel that your partner doesn't understand you and isn't fully invested.
So my friend, before you become resentful, don't allow your best years to pass you by. 
Whatever it is you want to do for yourself, make the time and invest in YOU. 


✨It’s your journey and your right to live this life as you have been called to. Don’t be afraid to make changes even when those around you don’t fully understand your “Why” or fear to do the same for themselves. ✨
— Judy Finelli

Please, I urge you with all my heart from one woman to another, don't allow your life to pass you by and then allow regret to become a permanent resident in your soul.  You deserve better than that!

Tell me below what you are yearning to do for yourself that you've been putting off doing?  Let's make it happen!