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That Healthy Chica Blog


A Brand New Day brings Brand New Opportunities.. Go Get 'Em!

judy finelli

Graphic borrowed from the amazing @LewisHowes on Instagram~

You know when you start a new workout routine and you're totally psyched about in the beginning but then feel derailed by whatever curveball life throws at ya and suddenly you're back to square one?  Yup, I've been there!

Truth is, derailment can happen during any routine you're trying to keep going.  Whether it's fitness, eating well, getting more sleep or having more awesome sex with your partner regularly.   The thing is, it happens to all of us from time to time!  The key to keeping the momentum going is scheduling the important stuff and making them non- negotiable.  In other words, put stuff on your calendar that you ACTUALLY WANT TO DO AND ACCOMPLISH and FOLLOW THROUGH.  Don't let mediocrity eat up your momentum to achieve excellence and balance in the areas of your life that need it most.

So when you think to yourself, "I'll start again next week or on the first of the month".. I say, forget all that and start TODAY!  Everyday lends itself to incredible possibility and opportunity if your heart is open to receive it.  Waiting to start something dilutes the excitement you have to do it and it's so important to ride the wave of momentum while you can and while the wave itself exists. 


If yesterday’s efforts were mediocre, push harder today & set yourself up for success in what you seek to accomplish. Small victories matter.
— Judy Finelli

Have you been derailed in an area of life that needs your attention, and you're not putting in too much effort to achieve a certain goal?  Let me here it in the comments.. you know the drill ;)