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That Healthy Chica Blog


Making Space To Breathe Even When It Seems Virtually Impossible to Keep It Together

judy finelli

   Photo by Christine Jean Chambers


Photo by Christine Jean Chambers

This isn't meant to be a winded post but..

When you feel overwhelmed and your mind is just FULL.. make some breathing room on your own terms.  When I feel like that I have to do any of the following:

  • Go for a run by myself
  • Dance like I was back in college in my modern dance class wishing I could dance for Alvin Ailey.. 
  • Take a long drive and not mind getting lost because I always find my way home again..

I feel so much better when I do any of those things.  As much as I love being around people, my children and husband, sometimes I just want to spend time with myself.  As a mom, it's not always easy to have those moments but you have to almost borrow or steal them, ya know?

Here's the thing..


Sometimes all you need is a change of scenery to feel renewed.
— yours truly

So, whether you walk around the block, or office grounds or take a long spontaneous drive somewhere that gives you peace..

Give yourself the time to create mental space for what you are seeking. Then, try muting your thoughts.

What Your Heart has been saying softly will finally be Heard.. just Listen.
— yours truly