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That Healthy Chica Blog


The Mighty Lemon & The Benefits of Adding It To Your Dietary Lifestyle

judy finelli

   photos by Judy Finelli


photos by Judy Finelli

I love lemons.  I remember as a child being introduced to lemon tea with honey to start the day and was hooked.  Clearly I had no clue of the health benefits but I credit my old school grandparents for playing such a pivotal role in my passion for holistic care and wellness in general.

Today, I include lemon in everyday recipes like salad dressings and most of all in water.. hot or cold.  I learned of the benefits of hot lemon water by experimentation.  As someone who has knowledge of what feels right for my body in aiding digestion and also to help rid of toxins, I incorporate hot lemon water to my daily hydrating routine.  Honestly, it has made such a difference in how I feel and how my skin looks to how my digestive system operates.

Though both warm or cold water with lemon are just as good, I find that starting the day with warm water and adding a slice of lemon prepares my stomach to receive the first meal of the day.  As an intuitive and clean eater, I feel like my food choices are better after drinking hot lemon water because my stomach feels so light and clean, I don't want to consume anything that makes me feel less than that.

Here are some benefits of adding lemon to your water:


  • Vitamin C goodness for your immune system
  • Energy booster in the morning (yup, it's true.. you can give caffeine a break ;)
  • Helps keep the pounds off (um.. yes, please!)
  • Makes you feel fuller & therefore helps control your appetite
  • Reduces cravings of unhealthy food choices
  • Cleanses your palate

So I want to hear from you ..what are your thoughts on this?  Is lemon water something you've tried? If so, has it made a difference in your dietary lifestyle?