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That Healthy Chica Blog


The Power of Disconnecting from Social Media When You Feel Overwhelmed & Finding Joy in the Simple Pleasures of Life

judy finelli

photo: Judy Finelli, "My Sweet Mini Me"    

photo: Judy Finelli, "My Sweet Mini Me" 


So far this week, I’ve taken some time away from being on social media because I tend to need that more often these days.  I've learned that managing my life as a mom of two while running a business and freelancing, can be daunting at times but being present is super important to keep things running smoothly and to stay sane… who am I kidding, right? As much as I love it and can do it for hours at a time, I never want to be so consumed with my work that I miss out on what my kids bring to my world.

I don't know about you but being connected to my phone or computer for hours on end isn't my idea of living a balanced life.  So disconnecting when I feel overwhelmed is typically the recipe I follow to rejuvenate and feel the great vibes I need to keep going.  I find such pleasure in the simple things like my daughter's sense of wonder or my son's infectious toothless smile.  I find joy in my husband's musings over his cup of coffee made just right while sitting outside soaking some rays and listening to his favorite tunes in the background.

Isn't it awesome though that we live in a time when we can work or play from anywhere we choose and not miss a beat because of the power of technology?  Of course! But how awesome does it feel when you get to connect with the people you love most or friends you've not seen in some time and laugh your butts off like time never passed?

So this week has been really great so far because I've met a handful of people that I now call my friends and have spent a great deal of time enjoying my children for who they are and all the love they selflessly provide. Spending time with my Mom and hearing stories I still can’t believe I’ve never heard before and laughing like a fool in between.  

One thing I did this week that was simple and brought me joy was running around the track with my Mini Me.  Having Valentina near and teaching her the joys of being outside in the sunshine running with me was amazing.  It may not seem like much, but teaching her about the things that I enjoyed doing before I became a mom is super important.  I want her to know that women don't have to always be indoors cooking and cleaning.  


I want her to see the adventurous side of me that she has yet to truly see.  The marathoner, the tireless dancer, the artist, the creator, the speaker, the giver and good doer, the quick witted chick who loves a great laugh and would never turn down the opportunity to hear a great story and then passionately write her own.

All this is important to me and I never want to sugar coat anything for my daughter. I want her to know that before I became a mom I was pretty bad ass and never said no to Life.  That playing chords on my acoustic guitar as a kid is something she can do too.  I also want the same for my Son so he knows the importance of giving a woman space while still respecting and honoring her as his partner.  Above all, I want both my children to value their wellness enough to enhance the lifestyle we currently have and make it their own while loving their bodies and nurturing themselves.

These are the treasures I found when I made space in my mind by just unplugging for awhile.  

How about you? How do you unplug and what do you enjoy doing when you aren’t connected to your digital devices?