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That Healthy Chica Blog


What Do You Want to Accomplish This Week? Build the Foundation For A Productive Week Ahead Starting Now

judy finelli

Say goodbye to the Monday blues and shift your mind to appreciate the fact that you have the opportunity yet again to start over.  Whatever you didn't show up for the previous week or just didn't get done, Mondays allow you to start fresh and renewed.  Make it a priority to focus on a plan and execute it as soon as possible.  Starting something is often times the hardest part but breaking tasks into chunks at a time will make it easier and more manageable to get going.

Just a bit more insight.. 

When you begin the week with clarity and purpose, the more you'll look forward to the start of every week thereafter with enthusiasm.  All it takes is a little more effort on your part to get organized and simply go for it.  


Being grateful for what you've just accomplished by shifting your mindset about the beginning of the week will take you further away from dreading Mondays again.

Here's to a productive day and week ahead!