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That Healthy Chica Blog


5 Steps Towards Improving Your Health & Wellness

judy finelli

Instagram image borrowed from the fabulous @blogilates

Instagram image borrowed from the fabulous @blogilates

As smart, committed yet very busy women, we know how important it is to take good care of ourselves. The tough part is to actually do it and stay on track to maintain the progress.

Before I dive in head first into the tips, I want you to know that with the desire to make changes truly anything is possible.    

There is a difference between needing to change and wanting to change.  The latter is the one that'll push you towards taking the first step, which as we all know is the toughest.

I say this because we have the ability to achieve what we want when the burning desire is deep within us.  When we want something badly enough we find a way and the rest is history.  On the flip side, needing to change or needing to get something done isn't always enough to get us going. Why?  Because excuses creep up.. doubt settles like an uninvited guest and before you know, no action plan has been set forth to accomplish your goals.

But let's keep it positive here because that's how I like it. Here are 5 Steps to Take Towards Improving Your Health:


1. CROWD OUT: Take note of the foods that have no nutritional value and start eliminating them out of your diet.

2. PUSH IN: Implement foods into your way of eating that serve your body well like dark leafy greens.

3. GREET THE DAY WITH GRATITUDE: Every morning upon waking, close your eyes and take a deep breath and be thankful for having the gift of life. If you're typically too harried in the A.M. set your alarm for 7-10 minutes prior than you'd normally start your day. The point is to not speak or get distracted by anything until you've had your moment in silence. END YOUR DAY the same way.

4. HAVE A VISION of what you want to accomplish that day, week and/ or month and how you'll do it.  This gives you clarity. It's like having a pre-game prep. A vision board is awesome to keep you on motivated. See my article in The Greenwich Girl Magazine about this..

5. FUEL YOUR BODY RIGHT: experiment with what foods make you feel satisfied and energized starting with BREAKFAST.  Your morning choices will greatly affect your choices throughout the day. Don't skip it! Honor it! 

*Bonus tip:

Have ACCOUNTABILITY: Have a coach or someone you trust to be a straight shooter and will set you straight if you're slipping up as easily as applaud you on a job well done & motivate you to keep going when things seem unbearable.

Thoughts? Let's hear 'em below!