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That Healthy Chica Blog


You ARE Enough & That's All There Is To It.. Now Go Out There and Believe It!

judy finelli

photo: Judy Finelli, "Tangy Roses in Bloom"

photo: Judy Finelli, "Tangy Roses in Bloom"

With a new month comes new possibilities.  You know my deal.. I look at everyday as a canvas to create something new or simply give whatever it is I have going another shot if it’s not going so well.  Considering that we just welcomed the month of May, I’m looking forward to many things ahead but what’s been occupying my mind today is the thought that whenever we try to do something, whatever that may be .. that seems daunting or impossible to start or get through, there’s an underlying thought or belief that gets in our way.  The feeling of Not Being Enough ..ugh. I personally think it’s toxic and just doesn’t have the right to take up as much mental bandwidth as we allow it to.  But on the flip side, you can’t ignore it either.  

Let’s dig a little deeper shall we? Okay, so who the heck had the right to plant this tiny seed of doubt anyway?  Honestly.. ask yourself who put it there and if they even intended to?  Most importantly do not allow it to sprout into a weed that could destroy your dreams or goals from growing so kill it at the source and keep nurturing that gorgeous garden you’re creating.

You know, there are times when I feel this way and I know its not something that I invited intentionally.  Sometimes it’s just me thinking that maybe I’m not doing enough to make something happen or whatever the case may be.  But you know what?  None of this is even true! Like, why do we keep putting ourselves through the ringer when in fact we’re exactly where we’re supposed to be? I say, don’t give it a second thought and keep moving!  Give yourself the value you deserve and don’t wait solely on someone else to make you feel valued.

If someone who you value isn’t reciprocating, it’s likely that he/she may have their own belief system to deal with and are blinded by that to see what intact you seek or are in need of.

So, if you don’t believe me, list ALL the positive things you have going for yourself that are uniquely, and beautifully your own.  See? I told ya.. you’re so welcome, gorgeous!

Now, don't keep those goodies to the comments section below, share one thing you Love about yourself that perhaps goes unrecognized but not anymore!  Don't be shy.. let's hear it:)


ps: these flowers are a reminder of your beauty.. visit often should you need a lift;)