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That Healthy Chica Blog


Woah! Revelations, Aha's, Transitions..and Summer Goodness.. Ooh.. This Is a Good One!

judy finelli

Hey guys! 

So, I took a brief pause from blogging this week and was out in nature every single day.  It felt amazing to just be with my thoughts every morning and breathe fresh air deeply and meditatively as I yearned to run but honored my knees instead.  Not that this is a foreign concept to me because I love being outside any chance I get, but to be honest, after drop off, I typically head straight to my office and start working or do my workouts at home while Federico is within reach, or maybe head to Whole Foods to be inspired to create my next recipe and meet up with people.

But this week was different.. it’s as if I desperately needed to be out by myself reflecting and using the sounds around me for inspiration.  Those melodies came from people bustling to catch the morning train, others walking to the gym, while many were greeting the day with seemingly the same gusto I had.  As I walked through Bronxville, I felt a sense of peace that I had not felt in some time.. maybe even months.  I’ve yet to figure out why but as I walked and recorded my thoughts on my phone, I came to the not so obvious realization that writing has been my trusted companion since I remember learning to speak english as my second language. The truth is, I’ve always secretly considered myself a writer but never truly announced it or revealed it to the world until over a year ago. Because really, who cares, right? 

 Even then, this extrovert had been kind of timid about embracing it as the gift it is and using it beyond the pages of my journals and blog.  On my walks, I said hello to this new vocation in a way I had not before and have made the very real decision to not just freelance write editorial projects but to give life and a voice to the stories that many wellness professionals and passionate creatives who are making it happen and honestly don’t have the time or even the mental bandwidth to worry about copy for their website or marketing materials.  

As a natural storyteller, this is something I really enjoy and know I’m great at it.  It’s hilarious to think of this as a current “a-ha” moment because not only has writing been with me the longest but I remember always WANTING to write.  I wasn’t forced.. I just liked the idea of putting my thoughts down on paper and seeing where the heck my fantasies would actually lead me to create. What picture did I just paint with my words and was it easy to understand for the person reading it?  It didn’t matter because it was simply for pleasure and my peepers only, thank you.

Now, I totally know that incorporating copywriting to my professional life beyond my published pieces and private ones, is something that’ll keep my fire lit because I wake up every morning with the desire to breathe life onto a blank page with my own words pretty much on a regular basis.

So I’m insanely stoked and thrilled to currently share as the dual shall I say two story home for both health conscious, fab women seeking to look, feel and be their best simply by eating well and tossing the ball n’ chain way of eating they may currently have; with amazingly dedicated health coaches, wellness professionals and passionate creatives seeking to have the weight lifted off their shoulders of having to write their own copy when they prefer to be changing lives with the other God given gifts they possess.

The week ended by the way with a killer 1:1 two hour cooking class in my home.  It was just my client and I and my two kiddos in the background but it was so awesome and I loved teaching her ways to nourish herself and her family beyond what she had learned during our six month health coaching program.

All in all it was a fantastic week and I’m happy to be posting on a Sunday night.. maybe this will become a thing..

Hope you had a fab weekend and I’m so looking forward to kicking butt this week. What are you anticipating this week will bring for you?  Would love to hear in the comments.  


Oh, and by the way.. before I go.. did you see that my 1:1 Health Coaching summer program is opening up June 1st?  Check it out here.  I have spots available for this awesome 90 day program because I know we all love to chill and enjoy summer and all it brings but also want to look and feel our best when the temps heat up.  So, here’s where you go if you’re interested..




If you’re a fab coach, wellness professional or artist seeking copywriting services, I have a feeling I’m your Girl (or I could be, or.. you know what I mean ;)… let’s chat about that too.. click here and let’s put those worries to bed.


Ta for now and as always.. lots of love!


xx ~Jude