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When You Break Down, Don't Hide It..Go With It and Let The Tears Fall If They May..

judy finelli

Photo: Judy Finelli, "Tear Drops" on a Glass Frame

Photo: Judy Finelli, "Tear Drops" on a Glass Frame

I broke down recently.. I remember it had been such a stressful week and all I needed and wanted to accomplish just fell apart.

In the past, I never wanted my daughter to see me cry but since much has changed in my life, I don't want her to grow up thinking that it's okay to hide behind her feelings and not let them out.

As a health and lifestyle coach, I'm very careful about what I say and what I do in her presence but that night she saw me cry and asked me if I was okay.  I replied honestly and told her I was not but that I would be. She hugged me tightly and then we went on with our nightly ritual of prayer of gratitude and reading before bed.

I'm learning to handle things the best way I know how every single time I feel helpless or unclear about anything that I don't have control over and that's evolving around me a bit too fast.  I've learned that my body and mind need to relinquish all that is within me in order to be a better woman..a better mother and wife.. a better coach.. a better sister, daughter and friend.  It takes a great deal of effort sometimes to keep it together but sometimes you just have to let the tears flow and your body release the tension and anxiety that may be menacing.

Had I not done that evening, I wouldn't have had the courage to write this post and probably would have just journaled about it keeping it completely private but I don't think that's my purpose.

Everyday lends itself to be face with fresh eyes, a clear mind and an open heart..  

Think of the last time you had a stressful day or week.. what happened that brought you to that point & what did you do to rise above it?  

xx Jude


That Healthy Chica Podcast: Episode 2// Nurturing Your Relationships

judy finelli

This topic is one that will be revisited in future episodes I'm sure because there's so much I want to explore on it and reveal in order have continued balance in my life and hopefully inspire you to do the same.