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How to Start Making Improvements in Your Life

judy finelli


If you feel out of sync with life, remember you can ALWAYS turn your situation and/or yourself around. There is always room to improve & grow towards what it is you want out of life.
— Jude, That Healthy Chica

Sometimes this feeling is overwhelming and sneaks up unexpectedly too. Its like you’re doing fine and all of a sudden you feel like crap! You are “off” your game yet yearning for something.. just not sure what that “something” is.  When this happens— and let me tell ya,  it has happened to me often this past year— look for answers inwardly first and then allow your intuition to guide you towards next steps.  


Check in with Yourself and Truly Listen.

Some questions I find helpful and you may find helpful as well are:

1. “Is my Heart aligned with my Gut and Mind”?  

Typically the heart whispers what it yearns for.  Then the mind follows and agrees with what the heart wants or presents challenges by contradicting thoughts and ideas. It can run very fast and far if allowed.  Being careful of this is important in order to fully understand how your Gut can help put you back on track. Your gut chimes in and lets you know if it all feels right or simply out of alignment which means you need to re-evaluate where there is disparity.

 So listening to all three and sifting through the whispers, thoughts and feelings will help you find alignment by guiding you to take the first steps towards reaching your goal, etc.

2. “What needs to shift in my life”?

If things are less than stellar with either your personal life, career, finances, home, relationships— take full inventory of what doesn’t feel right in the areas of your life that are most meaningful. This is when you go back to step 1 and listen closely to what the Trinity (as I like to call it) tells you.  

3. “What needs nurturing in my life”?

If our bodies aren’t being nurtured fully, (physically, emotionally, creatively, etc.), we feel off balance. Ask yourself and honestly respond if you are getting enough:

  • Sleep
  • Plants & clean foods in your diet 
  • Water 
  • Movement 
  • Love
  • Intimacy & meaningful connection
  • FUN & Laughter


There will inevitably be areas that are more balanced than others. Instead of judging yourself as to why there are areas that aren’t balanced or nurtured, understand that we are ALL work in progress.  That’s what this journey of Life is all about and we are so deeply blessed and lucky to have you on the planet!

These questions are designed to guide you through the inner dialogue that helps discover what needs our full attention.  It can be a powerful tool to pull out however often you need to. Personally, it has brought me to a place of understanding and appreciation for all the times when I’ve felt like I’ve come up short or have been in pain.

My Loving energy is sent you..

and know that each of us has the power to face each and every day with hope or we can do the absolute opposite and look at our world as a glass half empty.  In any case, if you feel like it is too much effort for you to try and figure things out on your own, please reach out.  I am here to guide you through this process as I’ve had to do for myself. 


Sending tons of love and light your way!


Be well,