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How to Ease Back Into Fitness After a Hiatus

judy finelli

 Photo: Judy Finelli,"Spring in New York City"

 Photo: Judy Finelli,"Spring in New York City"

The warm days ahead evoke a certain vibe that in this writer’s opinion cannot be matched by any other season. It is one that brings back memories of adolescence anticipating being out of school and running around with friends around the neighborhood and then going to the pool to cool off and relax. 

However, if you’ve given birth recently, as I have.. you may not feel entirely “carefree” for many reasons. By the way, if you are an experienced mom sharing the same sentiments, don’t fret... this easily applies to you too. If one of the reasons for which you are not feeling carefree this season has to do with you wanting to feel like “yourself” again, know that your feelings are normal and valid. Do your best to be kind to yourself and acknowledge the remarkable feat that you’ve accomplished in providing life to another human being for nine months in your womb.


Photo:   Judy Finelli, "Daddy's Clone"

Photo: Judy Finelli, "Daddy's Clone"

The feeling of wanting to fit back into your pre-pregnancy jeans/clothes could be the incentive you need to start a walking routine or going to the gym. However, some women are so hard on themselves in getting started. It is super important to recognize where you are currently and to respect it above all. Why is it important to do so? The truth is that it feels like a gargantuan feat to start from scratch. Primarily because subconsciously we don’t like to be uncomfortable, and the idea that something will be tough to do or conquer often times makes us feel that way.

Some Things To Consider To Get Started and Make Life Easier:

  • Be Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable: Don’t be hard on yourself, respect and appreciate whatever state/stage you are currently in.
  • Step out of your comfort zone knowing that you deserve to reach your goal.
  • Ask yourself what it is you want to accomplish through a fitness routine: Do you want to have more energy, lose weight, gain strength, tone up?
  • Set a goal and Timeline: When do you want to achieve that goal by (be realistic.. and beware of the tempting quick fixes such as pills, etc.)
  • Ease into It: Start walking leisurely 20-30 minutes per day for 30 days then turn that into a power walking routine (in which you increase the speed of your steps and movement of arms to a more controlled swinging motion).
    Some generally safe activities that are great to do in easing into shape along with walking are:
  • Aqua jogging
  • Swimming
  • Vinyasa yoga
  • Hatha yoga
Don't Compare yourself to another mom: You are unique. Your body is just as unique and so is your journey. Who knows how much the person you compare yourself to is struggling in her own way. It's not worth it so don't even entertain the thoughts when they creep up!

I recommend not starting a strength training program during the postpartum stage for a variety of reasons. Primarily because your body is still recovering from the trauma of birth. So again, be kind to yourself and resist the impulse to do everything at once.

NOTE: *If you are a new mom or experienced mother who is nursing, be mindful of taking in enough quality fluids to keep your milk production up.

Every baby learns to crawl before taking his/her first steps to walk... you must think of your journey just the same... as Baby Steps. Now lace up and get your body moving... starting with that first walk. :)

Getting into a healthy routine that will greatly benefit you as you give your all to your baby and children is obviously a wonderful goal to aim for. Understanding and appreciating where you are on YOUR JOURNEY is very important too. Be kind to yourself and do what you can to be consistent with exercise. To learn more individualized ways you can achieve your health and fitness goals, contact me. I'd be more than happy to help!

Have you been on hiatus from physical activity and haven't been able to get back to a routine that's comfortable and sustainable? Let me know.. chances are you may need to do something different in order for your body to accept the changes you've endured.


Disclaimer: This article has been written for educational purposes only with a personalized tone from the author. It is not meant to cure or treat any illness or disease you may suffer from.  Please  consult your doctor and/or specialist for specific medical concerns.



You ARE Enough & That's All There Is To It.. Now Go Out There and Believe It!

judy finelli

photo: Judy Finelli, "Tangy Roses in Bloom"

photo: Judy Finelli, "Tangy Roses in Bloom"

With a new month comes new possibilities.  You know my deal.. I look at everyday as a canvas to create something new or simply give whatever it is I have going another shot if it’s not going so well.  Considering that we just welcomed the month of May, I’m looking forward to many things ahead but what’s been occupying my mind today is the thought that whenever we try to do something, whatever that may be .. that seems daunting or impossible to start or get through, there’s an underlying thought or belief that gets in our way.  The feeling of Not Being Enough ..ugh. I personally think it’s toxic and just doesn’t have the right to take up as much mental bandwidth as we allow it to.  But on the flip side, you can’t ignore it either.  

Let’s dig a little deeper shall we? Okay, so who the heck had the right to plant this tiny seed of doubt anyway?  Honestly.. ask yourself who put it there and if they even intended to?  Most importantly do not allow it to sprout into a weed that could destroy your dreams or goals from growing so kill it at the source and keep nurturing that gorgeous garden you’re creating.

You know, there are times when I feel this way and I know its not something that I invited intentionally.  Sometimes it’s just me thinking that maybe I’m not doing enough to make something happen or whatever the case may be.  But you know what?  None of this is even true! Like, why do we keep putting ourselves through the ringer when in fact we’re exactly where we’re supposed to be? I say, don’t give it a second thought and keep moving!  Give yourself the value you deserve and don’t wait solely on someone else to make you feel valued.

If someone who you value isn’t reciprocating, it’s likely that he/she may have their own belief system to deal with and are blinded by that to see what intact you seek or are in need of.

So, if you don’t believe me, list ALL the positive things you have going for yourself that are uniquely, and beautifully your own.  See? I told ya.. you’re so welcome, gorgeous!

Now, don't keep those goodies to the comments section below, share one thing you Love about yourself that perhaps goes unrecognized but not anymore!  Don't be shy.. let's hear it:)


ps: these flowers are a reminder of your beauty.. visit often should you need a lift;)


5 Steps Towards Improving Your Health & Wellness

judy finelli

Instagram image borrowed from the fabulous @blogilates

Instagram image borrowed from the fabulous @blogilates

As smart, committed yet very busy women, we know how important it is to take good care of ourselves. The tough part is to actually do it and stay on track to maintain the progress.

Before I dive in head first into the tips, I want you to know that with the desire to make changes truly anything is possible.    

There is a difference between needing to change and wanting to change.  The latter is the one that'll push you towards taking the first step, which as we all know is the toughest.

I say this because we have the ability to achieve what we want when the burning desire is deep within us.  When we want something badly enough we find a way and the rest is history.  On the flip side, needing to change or needing to get something done isn't always enough to get us going. Why?  Because excuses creep up.. doubt settles like an uninvited guest and before you know, no action plan has been set forth to accomplish your goals.

But let's keep it positive here because that's how I like it. Here are 5 Steps to Take Towards Improving Your Health:


1. CROWD OUT: Take note of the foods that have no nutritional value and start eliminating them out of your diet.

2. PUSH IN: Implement foods into your way of eating that serve your body well like dark leafy greens.

3. GREET THE DAY WITH GRATITUDE: Every morning upon waking, close your eyes and take a deep breath and be thankful for having the gift of life. If you're typically too harried in the A.M. set your alarm for 7-10 minutes prior than you'd normally start your day. The point is to not speak or get distracted by anything until you've had your moment in silence. END YOUR DAY the same way.

4. HAVE A VISION of what you want to accomplish that day, week and/ or month and how you'll do it.  This gives you clarity. It's like having a pre-game prep. A vision board is awesome to keep you on motivated. See my article in The Greenwich Girl Magazine about this..

5. FUEL YOUR BODY RIGHT: experiment with what foods make you feel satisfied and energized starting with BREAKFAST.  Your morning choices will greatly affect your choices throughout the day. Don't skip it! Honor it! 

*Bonus tip:

Have ACCOUNTABILITY: Have a coach or someone you trust to be a straight shooter and will set you straight if you're slipping up as easily as applaud you on a job well done & motivate you to keep going when things seem unbearable.

Thoughts? Let's hear 'em below!