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How to Relieve Stress

That Healthy Chica Blog


How to Relieve Stress

judy finelli



Hey Chicas!

So you've spent the summer running after the kids.. perhaps dropping off and picking up to and from camp..

AND finding breathing space became nearly impossible at times..  so much so you even snuck out for a long drive and ended up in the park breathing deeply..

This daydream can go on and on, can it not?  Sometimes all we need is to relieve stress by taking  time out for ourselves without feeling the guilt. With two active children, I completely get it. It's not that you don't love them or love being with them, it's just that you want to be able to do the shopping without being interrupted or being frustrated that you may lose one child while you tend to the other one's needs for a minute.

This summer, though it's not quite over, has been super busy for me and emotional all at once. Relieving stress has been something that I've wanted to do more than anything. I know we all have our seasons and sometimes have to carry heavier loads during one more so than the others; but I definitely have had moments in which I just needed to chill and unplug.

When I feel like I need to relieve stress and breathe, I have several things that have pretty immediate results..

  • Running
  • A long walk outside in an environment that makes me feel alive
  • Taking a long shower or bath
  • Writing or creating something that pleases me (usually in my office with the door closed or at my local library or coffee shop
  • Driving the scenic route
  • Reading my fave fashion or fitness mags and getting lost in it

When I have care for them and they are super content with their grandparents or daddy, I tend to focus on bigger projects around the house or meals that I want to create.  Believe it or not, I get a lot of joy cooking by myself and creating new dishes; but sometimes I have to have my daughter along side me who is completely enthralled by creating dishes only her mind's eye can see.. it's super messy but also incredibly awesome to watch her pretend she's on a cooking show.

Because as a busy mom I totally get where you are, I've been very busy creating ways to make life easier for women like myself who are just as busy and really need a hand.  Isn't it tough to just get a moment for yourself and just let stress melt away?  I have to be honest with you, when I had my second child last year I really didn't think that time for myself was going to be hugely compromised.  Sure I'd have those few months of sleep deprivation with marathon breast feedings but nothing to really complain about.. so I thought.  I'm no longer nursing and things are easier in some ways but I remember all too well what it felt like.

So whether you've given birth in the spring or early summer and have not had much time for yourself; or simply just had enough of putting yourself last and finally want to kick stress out for good, I invite you to join me for a Comprehensive Health History in which you and I spend 90 minutes focusing on your wellness needs and your needs only.

  • Wouldn't it be awesome to have someone to just hear you out for over an hour without judgment?  
  • Wouldn't it be amazing if you had someone who can provide the answers your heart has ached for since becoming a mom that you've kept to yourself out of shame or guilt or neglect?

Let's connect and get you on the right path to loving yourself again.. on a path in which you feel confident and well informed about your choices and everything in between as it involves you, your health and wellness and your future.  This is your opportunity to give yourself permission to relieve stress that you may have been carrying around or the one that just keeps coming back when you least expect it.

Here's how to connect with me and get started.. 

As always I look forward to connecting with you here.  If you want even more in depth goodness, I get into that in my newsletters.

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Sending lots of positive energy your way!