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Kids & Young Adults

That Healthy Chica Advocates for Our Youngest Population To Improve Nutrition & Wellness For A Brighter Future

judy finelli

I became a proud mother seven years ago. Since then, I've had a second child to complete our little tribe and several nieces and nephews to be inspired by. The thing is that having school aged children opens up a new world of concern and awareness that I simply just didn't have before.  That awareness and concern are the driving forces behind the actions I am taking on behalf of not just my own children, but children across our great country and the world.

As you know, we are having a massive epidemic that we have created and our children are now the victims of.  What epidemic and how did we create it you may ask?  It is the epidemic of our children being overfed and undernourished-- the epidemic of obesity, heart, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.  We are killing our babies with the junk we allow them to consume.  We are passively watching schools feed them crap we wouldn't eat ourselves.  

I for one will not allow another day to go by without doing something about it.  Sure I'm one person.. but I'm determined to use my voice, my expertise as a Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, concerned parent and citizen of this planet.  I am committed to educate children and parents on ways to combat the injustice that the food industry and corporate sectors have infiltrated around the school system that is harming our children beyond measure.

As Health Coach, I am now serving kids and young adults to eat better and learn how to keep themselves healthy throughout their life so they have a better chance to thrive.  I am committed to create content that is relevant and useful to parents on behalf of their children and to teens to give them the freedom and empowerment to say NO to marketing schemes and say YES to sustainable ways of eating and nourishing themselves.

My own children, Valentina and Federico have been my inspiration behind most of my creative work.  They are now the faces, along with their generation, that I have to speak and act on behalf of.  It is the the school aged children and young adults that I see on a path of dangerous eating patterns and malnourishment that ignite the fuel for me to create information and deliver accurately to serve with a profound purpose to do my part as a professional wellness leader, parent and concerned activist.

I welcome you to join me as these efforts are most effective in solidarity with like-minded, well-intended, vocal, kind-hearted people.  You need not be a parent or young adult to join me, but a person who understands that allowing our children to live in a matrix is not living or existing at all.  It is a dangerous slippery slope to a space where great suffering, confusion and helplessness will exist if we don't do something about it.

In this section of my website, you will find relevant information, resources, insight and nutrition and lifestyle advice for our youngest treasures.  It is intended to inspire you and inform you to take action along with me and other folks who share this sentiment.  Let's not live in denial-- let's arm ourselves with proper information and educate our children beyond the education they receive in school.  Let's take the time and have the patience to lead them on the right path to feed themselves properly and live a life understanding their food choices without creating anxiety around it.  There are ways to do this and doing so together will make a great difference in their future.

Thank you for reading this and for sharing it.  Our children are our future and we must always remember that in order to help them as they grow, we must nourish them properly and teach them how to care for themselves well in order for them to be free of the manmade ills that are already impacting their development-- physically, mentally, emotionally and otherwise.


Lots of love,