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We All Have a Story to Tell..



I love hearing stories from my parents about their childhood in the Dominican Republic and how when they met, they had no idea what life had in store as they walked the road ahead with four young children.

Today, I equally enjoy recalling my own childhood and sharing stories with my oldest child, my daughter, Valentina. My son Federico, is still yet too young to hear these stories. As a child, I always wrote. It was one of my first passions as far as I can remember. That was combined by other budding passions for music, dance, cooking and curating healing concoctions with herbs from my Grandmother's garden for myself and my Mom. 

As an adult, I still love those things and truly had no idea that what I treasured then, would pave my own path personally and professionally. I've experienced great love, laughter and pure joy.  I've also endured a great deal of pain and tearful good byes.

When I conceptualized what my Wellness career would look like while studying at IIN, I had no clue of the multiple layers I'd have to peel off myself in order to reveal who I truly am and what makes my heart full of joy.  In doing so, That Healthy Chica™ (THC) was born.  It is an iteration of my first health coaching practice, MamiWellness™.  

The one passion that has quietly gone unrevealed to the world is that of storyteller and communicator. Until now, I've kept all my writings private. This space in THC is designated to freely and expressively share a more personal side of me and my journey so far.  

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned..