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My Wellness Journey

Health & Lifestyle Coaching Model

 Photo by Christine Jean Chambers

Photo by Christine Jean Chambers


I'm Just a Woman on Mission to Make A Healthy Lifestyle Super Attainable and Practical For Those Who Desire It. With a dream & unique life experience to guide others along a similar path, I call this "work", my life's calling..

I don't have an external transformation story.. mine is not of someone who had massive weight issues and dropped an enormous amount of pounds.  Nope.. my transformation story really derives from somewhere else because it can only be truly felt.. my transformation took place and remains WITHIN ME.  I can write an exceptionally long history about my life here and what inspired me to finally take personal development "personal" and do what was in my heart. . not what others thought I should be doing.  

Quick story .. 

Early in my career when I decided to move out of the education sector into the corporate world, I met a fascinating and extremely knowledgeable entrepreneur from Italy.  He was a fantastic mentor and gave me a snapshot of what life would be like if I continued the path I thought I wanted.  There was a great deal about this transition that I was grateful for and really was excited about.. until reality hit me hard.  I was a newly wed at the time and wanted to wait a few years or so to start a family because there were things I envisioned doing before committing to parenthood. I knew that in order to do the things I wanted before becoming a mom, I needed to move on from the position I had at my mentor's grassroots company.

I'll never forget the day that my former boss took me aside and said.. "Judy, you're a Lioness.. I totally see it.. a Lioness who needs to come out and express what you're capable of.."  Now, this was like a paternal figure speaking to me.. at least that's what it felt like but honestly, I so appreciated the fact that he saw something unique in me that at the time I was too young and inexperienced to have seen on my own.  He taught me to always reach within myself and summon the strength and courage that he saw all along.

Why this story may be relevant to you..

I firmly believe we all have something special within us that can drive us to do more than what we believe we are capable of.  I see people all the time who are just fearful of change..  fearful of what people would say if they stepped out of their box or their own shadow..  fearful of what it takes to achieve what's desired at the core.  I see that all this is often connected to the desire of wanting a healthier situation. Whether it is a healthier home or work environment;  healthier relationships, and ultimately a healthier lifestyle that would lead to the body they've wanted, etc.


So if you feel something needs to shift within you but you are afraid or are stuck in your own mind to move forward..

Know that there is a transformation already happening within yourself because you're acknowledging the fact you need to change something in order to be fulfilled.  Allow this to be your driving force to fearlessly reveal to the world who you really are and what you are capable of.


When I first had this revelation,  I created my first health coaching practice,  MamiWellness out of my desire to improve my situation as a new mother. I felt stuck and afraid and didn't know how to get to where I wanted.  I simply wanted to feel better in my body and in my own skin. I wanted to leave my anxiety around being a new mom behind and enjoy my Baby Girl.  I had a fire in my belly that fueled me to face my darkest fears and take the first steps even though it was ridiculously tough.  

Since then, my health coaching practice has evolved into something different than what MamiWellness represented initially.  But when it happened, I knew it was time to let go and embrace the next stage.  That Healthy Chica derives from the same love, courage and integrity that goes into everything I create and continue to do to Live my Purpose.